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I’m so excited!  I’ve partnered up with a host of amazing women to bring you inspiration and answers for all things Beauty, Body and of course, for your Being. My goal is to bring you a website chock full of insight, humor, tips and products. You can start by checking out my (Almost) Famous Kale Salad and for a limited time you can receive 10% off my favorite matcha tea products in the store.  Also if you’re interested in receiving ongoing updates toward achieving a holistic and sustainable approach to Beauty, Body and Being, please sign up for my newsletter.

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As Thyself

Acceptance, protection, loyalty and to be honored, that’s what my critic wanted. How did I know this? I asked her. For years she criticized me, “Come on Nia, get it right. Why are you so late? If you were more organized you might actually be able to get something... read more

My Matcha Life

A gal has to have her “go to” items. These are often things we travel with. For me, one of the most valuable items is Matcha tea. Why? because it gives me a gentle, steady energy boost, clears my head and helps me focus. AND it’s loaded with antioxidants. Matcha green... read more

My Fasting Experiences

While I’m here at this fast, actually, I realize it’s a cleanse. I’m full of psyllium husk and bentonite clay all day and I decided I would take this time to experiment with some photos and blogging. I’m excited for you to see Beauty, Body, Being... read more

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