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I’m so excited!  I’ve partnered up with a host of amazing women to bring you inspiration and answers for all things Beauty, Body and of course, for your Being. My goal is to bring you a website chock full of insight, humor, tips and products. You can start by checking out my (Almost) Famous Kale Salad and for a limited time you can receive 10% off my favorite matcha tea products in the store.  Also if you’re interested in receiving ongoing updates toward achieving a holistic and sustainable approach to Beauty, Body and Being, please sign up for my newsletter.

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Remember: A Love Letter

For all of the beautiful friends I have and for those I have yet to meet. Single or married, tying the knot or untying, free or committed, this is for all of us. HAPPY VALENTINES! Remember: A love letter My Beloved, On this day and every day, know that my love for you...

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Sweet Bowl of Yum!!

I just had to share this sweet bowl of yum with all of you! It is so sweet, as is, and I ate off of it for three days! Yum!!! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:5]  

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My Saint My Hero Giveaway

I once asked a Spiritual Guide from Israel what was so significant about the Sea of Galilee. His response? "This is where all the prayers on Earth ascend to the Heavens." Then he gave me instructions to say my prayers and set my intentions, duck my head into the water...

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