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I’m so excited!  I’ve partnered up with a host of amazing women to bring you inspiration and answers for all things Beauty, Body and of course, for your Being. My goal is to bring you a website chock full of insight, humor, tips and products. You can start by checking out my (Almost) Famous Kale Salad and for a limited time you can receive 10% off my favorite matcha tea products in the store.  Also if you’re interested in receiving ongoing updates toward achieving a holistic and sustainable approach to Beauty, Body and Being, please sign up for my newsletter.

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Bobby Gene Peeples

Today is my Dad’s birthday. He would have been 76. I just want to take a moment to acknowledge his beauty. We love and miss you Dad, although I feel you with me now in your perfection. Bobby Gene Peeples: Dad, to me and my two sisters. Uncle Bob to dozens of cousins...

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Veggie Revival

Help! Dying Veggies in the fridge… If you’re new to adding more Vegetables to your dining table, you’ve probably already experienced the inevitable: rotting veggies in the fridge. It seems impossible! You go to the grocery store all inspired to be healthy, you...

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“This Thing Called You” Chapter 6

It’s been almost a month, but I hope you continued to read “This Thing Called You” so we can continue to share our thoughts with each other. One of inpsirational quotes that stuck out the most for me in chapter 6 is: “If you listen to peace,...

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