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I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who happens to be a Kabbalah Master. What exactly does that mean? I’m not totally sure but it has to do with the ancient mystical aspects of Judaism. He’s a very fun and, well, mystical kind of guy. He just seems to know things. But we were talking and he said to me, “Nia! This is the year of Chutzpah! The energies of the planet, of the universe support you being YOU. So be audaciously YOU! Because anything that is not truly who you are will not be supported.” He also told me in another conversation that I was big like a giraffe.  Of course I had to respond with, “Um….you mean as opposed to small, like a pygmy marmoset??” I was joking of course because I fully understood what he meant. He went on to say that other people see me much bigger than I see myself and he begged me to own it. He wasn’t talking about ego. He was talking about embracing the power of who I am as a kind human being filled with love, in combination with the experiences of my life that have given me the tools to communicate that love positively and impactfully. Even as I write this, I’m aware of old beliefs and practices established throughout a lifetime of meeting social and familial standards that no longer serve me. We all have them. They’re called self limiting beliefs or challenges. And boy can they get in the way of people stepping into the fullness of who they are, of me boldly being who I truly am.  I know some of you envision celebrities as having a charmed life but believe me, we all deal with internal stuff that keeps us from being completely fulfilled and happy. And the only way to relieve ourselves of those useless beliefs is to identify them, laugh at them, release them, then Focus On The Truth! So to kick off the new year with you, I’m going to list a few of my deeply embedded, perhaps a little hidden yet somewhat or fully functional beliefs and practices that will not be supported in this year of Chutzpah because they are not truly who I am. And then I’m going to offer myself some empowering statements of truth. You ready? Here it goes:

  • “I have a lot to share and dare I say, teach, but must wait to be invited.”  Why not just step up when I know I can help? Who am I afraid of offending? Am I afraid that others will think I’m egotistical? Is it just that I was raised by a father who was from the south and although incredibly innovative and creative, he was also a little traditional. I grew up with speech patterns like “Yes Ma’am, No Sir…” I have no idea but I just don’t care any more. If you are offended by the things I have to share, then my messages aren’t for you. And that’s Okay. Be gone! Please go where you’re inspired because inspiration is out there!
  • “I can’t start my own business. I’ve never owned my own business, ever. I’m just an actress who has been a “gun for hire” my whole life. Sure I have great ideas, but who cares?”  Well what does it matter who else cares? If I care, if I have the desire, isn’t that enough? I have incredible business ideas that I believe will inspire and serve people all over the world. Isn’t that enough to start with? If I believe, and I do, that all things that come from one’s heart are signals from heaven that a particular direction is an absolutely viable and truthful direction and will therefore be supported, and if I keep my heart open to seeing what unfolds and continue recognizing the synchronicities, then the right people, places and things show up. They alway have. Why start doubting now?
  • “I can’t be an author. Sure I can write. But an entire book? And  who cares about my story anyway?”  Nia, Shut up!!!!! People write books all the time, people with less practice than you! There are millions of people who have taken courses online that help lay it out. Just do it! And as for the question, “Who cares?” please see the response in item 2.

Bet you didn’t know those things did you? Well suffice it to say that years ago, there were many more. In fact, weeks ago there were more. But certain practices helped me overwrite those beliefs to create the most beautiful and fulfilling aspects of my life. They were the most beautiful because they were the most true to who I am.

In this year of of Hutzpa, what are the untruths about yourself that will not be supported? You’ll know them by the way they make you feel: heavy, defensive,  wrench in the gut, forceful action as opposed to inspired action, pushy. I invite you to make a list and then burn it. And every time you experience an untruth, simply take notice of it and shuck it off. Don’t sit in it or judge it or try to figure it out. Just shrug it off with a chuckle (Like I would if someone were to tell me I don’t love my children or that I’m tall like an NBA basketball player. Ridiculous.) Pat yourself on the back for recognizing it as a lie, and then focus on the beautiful truths of who you are.

Then the more you focus on those truths, the more you begin to embody them. And the more you embody them, more and more of your life flows from that state of truth and love: relationships, career, expression. That’s how we become whole. That’s how we find happiness.

It’s 2017, The year of Chutzpah. Let’s rock it!

P.S. – Even as I write this I realize, “Hey, I am an author. I’m writing this, aren’t I? And I almost forgot, I just wrote a children’s book last week?!”  ha!

P.P.S. – Next week I want to share some tools for growing the truth of who you are. So stay tuned!


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