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I just finished a fantastic cleansing retreat and was going to write a blog about it next week but I just found out that the retreat actually has a few last minute openings, presenting you with an opportunity to grab a great deal! So if you’ve ever been interested in a Detox Cleansing Fast Retreat, in Desert Hot Springs, land of the world famous healing hot mineral spring waters, this is your chance. Just go to Rejuvenate With Jan.


Many of you ask me what I think the secret of longevity and youthfulness is. Well let me tell you, cleansing is a huge part of it. I juice quite a bit but cleansing is a whole other level. No matter how together we are in our lives where food, exercise and emotional things are concerned, “crap” sneaks in, figuratively and literally. Our bodies are amazing, always reaching for healing and perfect alignment but sometimes we need to give it a little help by cleaning out all the garbage that gets stored. We don’t realize that our bodies hold on to emotional as well as physical junk. And most of it gets filtered through organs like the liver, kidneys and the colon. But if the body can’t quite process it, it gets stored and continues releasing toxins.

Consider this: in their most natural form, live foods contain enzymes that help us digest them. But with all the GMO’s and highly processed foods, and even with the depleted land the food is grown in, those enzymes are practically non-existent. So our bodies are unable to fully process them. The good news is, with a little education on how we might help our digestive systems serve us better, we can stay healthier and even a lot trimmer and more true to our authentic weight. That’s where Jan Minter comes in. Jan is an expert at all things cleansing. I know a lot of you have done things like the master cleanse or just lemon and water or apple cider vinegar and water for a week. I do those regularly as well. But nothing takes the place of being lead and educated by an expert to help you reset your system. That’s that’s exactly what happens.

And Jan doesn’t just walk you through a physical cleanse/detox. She wants you to get the ultimate results by also offering you ways to detox/cleanse mentally, emotionally and even spiritually, giving you long lasting, life-changing results. So not only does she give us the necessary guidance, she supplies us with tools to help restore those areas of our lives as well.

Another great aspect of this particular cleanse it that Jan books out the entire hotel so you won’t be mingling with people who are ordering food in and eating it at the pool. The other fasters at Jan’s retreat are all in it with you, supporting your journey, seeking to improve their health in the same manner you are. In fact some of them had some very powerful stories to add to the whole experience. We actually learned from each other as well.

So if you’re looking for a way to roll into the fall with a significant physical reset, Jan’s cleanse is a fantastic choice!


Here’s the flyer Jan sent me:

The next Cleansing Fast Retreat is August 21st – 26th
. I have TWO Private and TWO shared rooms available on site.

You SAVE $500 PER PERSON when you share a room.

I already have a roommate for you if you need one!

There are some colonic appointments left on site too. Please let me know if you are interested.

This hotel features the natural hot mineral waters.

I am here for you if you have any questions at all. Please let me help you in any way I can.

This retreat is in the Palm Springs area in California. It is in Desert Hot Springs where we have the natural hot mineral waters. I have some rooms left on site and also some colonic appointments left onsite. It is nice to be onsite…just makes it easier.

This retreat is life-changing!! Please see the testimonials on the website: Testimonials

Thanks so much as I do appreciate your time.

Hope to see you!

Bye for now.







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