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THANK YOU! I’m so incredibly blessed by everyone’s willingness to take a moment to focus on and acknowledge that which you appreciate. For in doing so, you’ve ignited, magnified and expanded that feeling, within you, the person of whom you’re speaking, and the people who read it! Isn’t it powerful, the  influence we wield? Let’s remember that and call it into action whenever we feel someone, even ourselves being set adrift, untethered from the remembrance of love. Just stop, and appreciate. Appreciate and acknowledge something good in that person and in yourself. It can be the tiniest thing. But that little thing is truth at the deepest level and therefore always finds a way. It’s always beckoning us to come into alignment with it. So when we give it the slightest bit of acknowledgment, it begins to expand. Like a weed in the crack of a sidewalk, truth is always seeking expression and with just a hint of sunlight, it bursts forth with life. Because the truth is LOVE. and LOVE is the truth.

You are amazing and wonderful. And I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge that!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


P.S. – There’s a Full Moon tonight. This is the time to acknowledge the negative things we feel bound by and release them. Simply acknowledge them, hand them over to LOVE, then kiss them goodbye. We want to enter the new year with an open heart. And whether or not we believe in the power of the magnetic pull of the Moon to influence our behavior, there’s nothing but power in our perception. Our perceptions shape our experience. So if I recognize a self limiting belief, a belief that causes me to act out of fear rather than love, then I can choose to release it by acknowledging it as a lie. And if that release gets a little bump from the Moon, I’ll take it! If nothing else, the sight of that magnificent celestial being reminds me how very infinitesimal my problems are in comparison to the greater whole of which I am a part. Thank you for being here with me.

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