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Drawn together by a common desire to more deeply discover and ignite our True Design, that which makes us uniquely and powerfully who we are, Amy and I met Christine and a handful of beautiful women from the My Saint My Hero team in the pilgrimage town of Medjugorje, Bosnia, after spending time at the sacred site of Magdala in Israel. Each of us wanted to open up to the possibility that as we stepped more fully into our individual truths, a specific purpose might be revealed satisfying our desires to bring forth that which would positively impact the world. There we were, a dozen or so women separated by race, religion, culture and age, each of us peeling back the layers and awakening to our true design, when suddenly we had a profound realization: We are indeed individual but we are in no way separate. For through the ages, we as women have been charged with the awesome responsibility of Union. We realized that individually we are only a thread, but together we can weave the fabric of love and compassion, power and intelligence that will heal humanity and bring about the change our world so hungers and thirsts for. We must support one another through acceptance, non-judgment and love. For the fabric is only as strong as its weakest thread. Here we bring to you the fruit of our union in Magdala and Medjugorje. It is your invitation to discover and stand in awe of your uniqueness, your True Design born of the Divine spark within and to bond together with us in creating a Tapestry of Feminine Genius.  

Click here to experience the Power of the Magdalena Medallion that I created with My Saint My Hero.


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