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As promised, I decided to celebrate the Pretty Little Liars summer finale with you by doing a giveaway! I thought it could be a fun way for me to share some of my must have items with you…

What are my must haves?

Well let’s start with a PLL messenger bag of some sort, throw in a script for the day’s work, and we’ve begun.

But knowing how long and stressful those days can be, three other “must haves” get thrown in for the day:

Amazing DNA skin care. (Why I keep getting carded. Haha)

My Matcha Life matcha tea for tons of anti oxidants and a pick me up in the afternoon. (How I keep up with the PLL’s)

And a personal favorite: wearable blessings from My Saint My Hero. (What I wear to remind me that life is a blessing and miracles happen!)

I’m so happy to share these with not only one of you… but two of you! That’s right, TWO winners will receive everything shown below! You have a week to enter – good luck!

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