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Buried along the sea of galilee for centuries, was an ancient symbol Recently discovered during the excavation of one of the oldest synagogues in the world, in the town of Magdala, Israel, the home of St Mary Magdalene.

Encoded in this sacred symbol is the Blue Print of God, which calls into perfect harmony the divine feminine with the masculine, the perfect proportions from which everything springs forth and with it, the power to AWAKEN the beautiful truth of who you are… your Feminine Genius.

How befitting it is that this ancient and sacred symbol of God’s divine spark should lie dormant in the very town where she lived and learned, until a Catholic Priest, would uncover it in an ancient Jewish Synagogue while digging to lay the foundation for a center honoring the dignity of women.

Contained within the story of the discovery itself is evidence of a truth that will no longer be bridled…

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