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Mary Magdalene her name means tower, throne, fortress. And she is now being recognized as a woman of her own means, the one who anointed the Christ with sacred oil, the Apostle to the Apostles. Her life of courage, strength, love and compassion, to this day, continues to unfold and with it, the balance of the masculine and feminine; harmony and truth.

This ancient symbol is known throughout time as the seed at the center of the “Flower of Life.” Many cultures and religions intuited that within this geometric pattern lie the keys to the universe: God’s everlasting love, the seed of God’s light that exists within each one of us. We are here now to claim that light and stand in the fullness and truth of who we are. This is a unique time in history for it is calling everything into truth and you are a part of it. You’re being called from within. The time is now. Listen. Awaken your Feminine Genius.

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