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On the very last day of filming, I wanted to give our PLL cast and crew something to remind them of our 7 amazing years as a family. I wanted to help them remember that although the sets were being torn down, the costumes were being sold off and never again would we hear the words “Rolling!” on the set of Pretty Little Liars, one thing would remain: the love we shared. This love carried us through all the heartache and joy, through the loss of loved ones and the birth of our children, through the 18 hour days and the success we achieved. Through all of it, Love is the thread that held us together.  So, thanks to my friends at My Saint My Hero, I was able to gift the entire cast and crew with a Blessing Bracelet hand woven in the small village of Medjugorje, Bosnia, by women who pray as the weave:  the perfect symbol of the love that weaves us together, forever.  Now, thanks again to my friends at My Saint My Hero, we are able to make this same Benedictine Blessing bracelet available to all of our extended PLL family at a discount.  From now until July 20th the coupon “PLL20” will be honored at MySaintMyHero.com. And I am eternally grateful.

Now that as the series comes to a close, we are forever grateful that you joined us on this journey and with or without the bracelet, we are bound together by the love we’ve shared through this epic series and the Pretty Little Liars.

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