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For all of the beautiful friends I have and for those I have yet to meet. Single or married, tying the knot or untying, free or committed, this is for all of us. HAPPY VALENTINES!

Remember: A love letter

My Beloved,

On this day and every day, know that my love for you is boundless and unconditional.  When you need me, remember I am here. I am here to show you love and compassion, bring you power and play, lead you to forgiveness and laughter, and to allow you your faults and fears, your curiosities and passions, for there is no judgment. There is only great love for you here. When you feel you’re not enough, remember you are enough for me, and have been all along. When you feel shame for a moment of anger or a slip of the tongue or an action less than becoming, remember, I hold no memory of wrongdoing, only the greater possibilities that now exist because of your learning. When you are frightened of what’s to come, I am here to remind you that the sun will rise in the morning bringing the dawn of a new day and with it, infinite possibilities yet unseen.  The pattern is perfect, the system infallible and unfailing.  You are my beloved. When you need me, I am always here. And when you don’t, it’s because you are living your truth for you have remembered that you are me and I am you. And together we are I am.

Happy Valentines Day!!

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