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And man do I love it.

Water water water….every nutritionist and trainer will tell you, water is the key for maintaining a healthy body weight. I say it’s key for EVERYTHING: better skin and hair, more energy more of the best of everything. I drink A LOT of water. In fact, it’s about all I drink with the exception of half a cup of coffee in the  morning, a My Matcha Life tea in the afternoon and maybe a glass of wine at night. We’re talking at least 64 ounces a day.  So When I tried some infused water and learned about all the benefits, I was in heaven.

The flavors are  delicious and not all syrupy and sweet as to make you even more thirsty. Yesterday I posted a pic of one of my favorite infused waters. I drank that whole pitcher in less then half a day. incredible. And as promised here’s the super simple recipe.

But first, check out this information I found on the benefits of infused water…

The natural compounds in fruit help maintain your body’s pH in the ideal range, which decreases your chances of developing cancer. Not only is the flavor leached from the fruit, so are the nutrients making it  rich in minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. So much healthier than store-bought “vitamin waters,” energy drinks, sodas, and plain water.And depending on the ingredients used, fruit infused water may lower your risk of flu, diabetes, common cold, obesity and heart disease. Every little bit helps!

Fruit infused water contains powerful antioxidants that fight free radical damage. You know what that means… that slows down the aging process. They also increase collagen production. (Wait, I need to go have another drink before continuing with this blog.)

(Okay I’m back) It also contains less sugar and fewer calories than soft drinks. Some fruits suppress your appetite and reduce cravings. Fruit infused water is more filling and nutritious than plain water so you’ll  feel full longer between meals and  more easily be able to maintain your ideal weight.

Don’t forget about ENERGY!! It’s especially good for athletes, fitness buffs, and active people. Fruit infused water can successfully replace sports drinks. It’s healthier, safer, and has a better taste. Not to mention its antioxidant and electrolyte power!

Here are two of my favorite infused water recipes:

Pitcher of awesome drinking water
One 4 oz container of berries
Two sprigs of rosemary
The meat of one fresh coconut (optional)

And my favorite…

Rose water
Lemon slices
Pomegranate seeds
Fresh mint

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