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I woke up this morning bright and early; 6:30 am.  So much to do. but I take the time to sit in my tiny office and pray.  I’ve committed to a gratitude journal at night and prayer in the morning, to connect with GOD and ride that energy.  To step into that ever flowing river of abundance of resource and energy, creativity and strength. But as I sit there I realize, I’m tired. I’m tired and so very overwhelmed right now.  I just don’t see how I can get everything done. On top of my already crammed schedule of writing articles and seminars, meetings with producers and designers and PR people to try and grow EOL, I ended up having to deal with tenants who stopped paying rent, consequent lawyers and eviction notices and now cleaning all that up to get the house on the market. But the thing weighing most heavily on my heart right now is Elements Of Life.  I’ve taken a handful of meetings over the last few weeks to see HOW we can grow it. And although the response is always amazing, everyone is blown away by the content, the purpose, the beauty of the site and all it represents, getting it to the next level comes down to one thing: HOW much traffic do you have? Twitter, facebook, myspace etc.  all the social media stuff.  And honestly, I’m so overwhelmed by it all. I can see how it’s a wonderful way to connect people with what’s important to them. I can see what needs to be done.  I just can’t physically do it all myself.  I can’t physically do it all even with my faithful and awesome web master Jessica at my side…my little head begins to wander away from prayer and over to my list of things to do. Then those wandering prayers begin sounding like an ad for an assistant: help wanted: one deity who is available 24/7 to magically make things appear. Job description: handle all tweets and social media as to bring a few million viewers to the table. Create awareness of and support for a booming EOL community so women all over the world can connect with and support each other. Must be willing to vet all businesses eager to be involved with our project to guarantee our members great quality and a strong ethical standard they can rely on and trust. MUST HAVE THE KNOW HOW to tweet, put their face in that book, enter my space, own and operate all existing dots including but not limited to .com.org.net Start date: yesterday!

But as I continue to sit there trying to drag my thoughts back from the brink of what my husband calls “event anxiety,” and my list of HOW to get where I’m trying to go, I begin to give thanks for all the things that are working in my life. and guess what, there’s a lot. Then something hits me: who says that EOL has to grow through social media one tweet at a time? Who says the only way to get the word out is by posting on Facebook and My Space, or by financing a huge PR campaign? When I pray, my job is to connect with spirit and let the qualities of my desire be made known. The “how” is not my concern. Ultimately a huge Twitter base isn’t what I’m after. My desire is to connect women with each other all over the world and to inspire them to their greater selves. HOW that happens isn’t supposed to be in my prayers because as soon as I ask for the how, I limit all other possibilities.  With my eyes set on the specifics of how, I may miss a greater possibility and blessing.  So now, I’m going to rewrite my prayer ad: Wanted: a way to inspire others through my own expression, to catch with clarity and strength my greater purpose and know that all my needs are met. Acceptable forms of delivery?  How ever YOU see fit. Because I now have “The no How.”

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