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With all due respect to Eckhart Tolle, the power of now is not always that empowering. Don’t get me wrong. I know living in the moment can be a wonderful, powerful thing. Who can deny the momentary joy of hearing a child’s bubbly laughter, the intoxicating smell of fresh roses or that first, sweet, eye roll-inducing bite of a homemade chocolate mud cake? But sometimes when I’m down, I need more than this moment. In fact, there are times when I’d rather have anything but this moment. Instead, I jump in my mental time capsule and we take off.

We may hover over last week’s brunch with my oldest and dearest friend and listen for a few minutes as she and I talk vividly and share thoughts and ideas about a mutual passion. Our next stop could be my own dinner table where my sister and I are laughing and enjoying a homemade pizza while my two year-old nephew’s playing with my phone, finds a photo of himself and happily squeals, “Hey, nice pants!”

We’re likely to visit my family’s cabin up north, located in one of Sweden’s most beautiful areas. I’m sitting on the deck that my dad built. I almost surely have a favorite book on my lap but at this very moment my face is turned up towards the sun, eyes closed, and I am gratefully enjoying the warmth of every single ray of sunshine. Our German Shepherd leaps and plays and rolls around in the blueberry bushes below while the smell of brewing coffee is making its way towards me from the kitchen, where my mother’s making lunch.

We leave one treasured moment for another, arriving at a considerably smaller cabin in Sedona Valley, Arizona, where another close friend and I are sitting on our beds in pajamas. Her side of the tiny cabin is neat and tidy, mine’s a mess with books and clothes and toiletries scattered in and around the bed. She doesn’t mind. She doesn’t comment. We’re rubbing night crème on our faces and sipping wine from little plastic cups. As I hover over this memory in the candlelit little cabin and listen to the lowered voices sharing dreams and fears and new insights, I realize that in that moment, my guard was completely down. That’s unusual for me. What a blessed friendship.

We usually don’t have to travel for very long, my time capsule and I. Just a few stops and my now is powerful and empowering again. Just a few stops and I’m filled up on gratitude, which is all you ever really need to feel the power of your very blessed now.

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