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Help! Dying Veggies in the fridge…

If you’re new to adding more Vegetables to your dining table, you’ve probably already experienced the inevitable: rotting veggies in the fridge. It seems impossible! You go to the grocery store all inspired to be healthy, you pack your cart full of goodness, get them home, throw them in the fridge, manage to get one or two meals out and then life happens. And there’s no more time to get all that goodness from the fridge to the table. So they sit in the bin just waiting to decompose….yuck…So here’s a quick tip.

  1.     Purchase prepackaged organic veggies. They’re already cut up and ready to go. And they last a bit longer due to the packaging.
  2.     When push comes to shove and you haven’t had a chance to create the amazing dish you purchased them for in the first place, just toss the veggies with olive oil throw them ALL on an aluminum foil covered baking dish, spread them out, and bake them at 425 for about 40 minutes.
  3.     Veggies are done when they’re a little soft in the center and a smidge roasted on the outside. Sprinkle with some salt and serve them up!
  4.     You can try it with coconut oil for a sweeter taste, or with a sprinkle of curry or chili powder or paprika. Whatever you like.

This is like magic for getting kids to eat veggies. I’ve never met a person, no matter the age, who could keep their hands out of this dish. But the great thing is, if there are any left over, you can throw them in salads or other dishes, or munch on them right out of the container. And nothing has gone to waste.

In the photo above, I served them with whipped sweet potatoes. 

  1.     Peel and quarter the potatoes.
  2.     Steam them
  3.     Mash them
  4.     Done!

The combination of the “bite” of roasted veggies with the sweetness of the potatoes is killer. Enjoy!

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